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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Facing the Moon

23.8 x 20.2 inches 60.3x51.5 cm

An Original Card-board collage (coated in fine-thin plastic) for preservation, longitively and durability..... Accompanied by an Aluminum Frame (silver color) custom made.... This is a collage that is as hard as a wooden board. It was made by: I first cut little pieces of black and white card-board and then gum them together to produce this image of a girl looking out of her window (at night) contemplating the glory of the moon. This piece is part of my African-maiden series._____

The title is NOT Facing-Your-Fears rather, it is Facing-the-Moon. I did not mean for the moon to be the main focus of this collage (I intended her hair and the grace/peace she carries to be the main focus). This artwork is speaking! and it is saying; Release-the-Stress (the very thing she is doing)._____

Thanks. ______

Ife'ka Terry

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