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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Strictly Taking Gary Vee’s Advice in 2019 ~ 30 Content Daily

This year (just like every other new year), I intend on getting serious about my neglected online presence. Being a chronic procrastinator, I hope I don’t let things slide like all the previous years. Of course I am not a rich person (in fact I am currently poor), so I am utilising the available resources I have on getting access to the internet (in a 3rd word country, we don’t have free WiFi everywhere like in most advanced or developing countries, we have to purchase it in Megabits and Gigabits). I am an avid follower of Gary Vaynerchuk and he believes in paid advertisement (on social media platform) which I am carefully studying and saving up for. He also believes in creating content that is tailored for each social media platform and spreading your message.


I am trying to implement the Gary Vee philosophy that we should produce 30 pieces of content daily on different social media site... I don't know if this is sustainable but intend on undertaking this method of publicity in 2019. The goal is to create awareness about my artwork on about 30 different social media sites this year (as part of my online art marketing strategy).  


So for it to be successful, I break it down into smaller pieces. Here you watch me (live) think of all the site that I could possibly post these content, I try to come up with 30 sites so I can recycle one content a day but on 30 different platform (after editing it to fit the demographics of people registered on those platform or at least the audience I intend on influencing on those specific platform). This is just brainstorming I might not actually post daily on about 3 or 4 of those site, while on other, I might post 2 times in a single day, every day. Later I would come back to these list and select each sites as I publish throughout the day (all day long).


This is just the planning stage and from the date on the note software, you can see that it was made in the afternoon of new year’s eve. So this 30 post a day is part of my New Year’s Resolution, let’s see how far I commit to this particular undertaking.

Being a procrastinator, I feel this year is going to be different because I am publishing a blog on January 1st which is something I have never done before. Back in the days, my first blog for the year is usually published around April to September because I felt I have to present a ‘finished work’ before I can post a blog (which Gary Vee debunked by suggesting we should document instead of worry about fresh content creation).


It’s not going to be easy (especially as I am a part time artist with a day-job that demands more of my time), however, I would strive to fulfil this mission as it would be continuous (a lifestyle). I hope I develop the habit and find some form of joy or gratification from publishing there content online, because without passion, hardwork becomes an impossible torture. I don’t intend on burning out or being unhappy as Gary Vee always talks about prioritising happiness and being a good contributor to society. Well, you can’t give what you don’t have and if you are feeling miserable, you would have the aura of misery. I would love to radiate fulfilment like “This is what I was born to do”.

Please subscribe to my YouTube Art Channel if you are instrested in wating videos about actual studio creation and not just note taking on a mobile phone.

Thanks you for reading through, I wish you a happy and prosperous New Year.

I remain Ife'ka Terry. 

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