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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Post more on Nairaland about art

I want to post more on Nairaland about art. Nairaland is NOT the type of place to meet a lot of art enthusiast. Google demonetize the online forum because of the sexual and violent nature of most of the post there, but the owner knew that it was those type of post that drives the most engagement and clicks. Trashy blogger who are seeking clickbait topics just for money, go there to ‘get inspired’ (or steal content) and 50% of the post ends up in hostility (that is part of the appeal, you chill back and watch the troll drama escalate).

So why do I want to post on a website that 99% of its viewers (even in the art section) doesn’t know who Andy Warhol is? It is because Nairaland is like the Wikipedia of Nigeria.

Most topics you search online (if you are searching from Nigeria), you would almost always see a Nairaland post not only on the first page but as the first 3 websites listed on the first page.

So far, I don’t get much traffic from it but if I target specific topic in the art community, I could get traffics to Nairaland  (from search engines)and subsequently get about 1% of those traffics (sometimes 1% is far better than zero percent). However the engagement on other non-art related topic is great (just like any online social media conversation), but that is not my aim and a distraction.  

Well, I am taking a page from the book of Gary Vee’s Gospel. He advocates that we should post about 30 content every single day to be visible on the internet. No, am not spamming Nairaland with 30 posts, I would rather post 30 content on 20 to 30 different online platform in a single day.

However, just a few days ago, Gary Vee announced that next year (2019), he would post 100 tweets on Twitter every single day. That is A LOT! I have been on Twitter for many years and still haven’t had the combined total of 100 tweets in my lifetime.
It kinds of reminds me of a popular highlight-video of Gary Vaynerchuk some 2 or 3 years back when he told a show called (London Real) that ‘hustle’ (hard work towards an aim) was the determining variable and the infamous quote of “No one can out work me”. The guy that does a YouTube show 135 days a year cannot meet up to the guy with equal talent who does a YouTube show 365 days a year.
Of course they would be days that I would not be opportune to upload anything. It has happened many times in the past (especially when I want to expand and explore new online territories, my gadgets start acting up). I anticipate failed power supply, being too busy, emergencies and poor network (internet service) as foreseeable hindrances.

I intend on placing 500 links on Nairaland that leads back to my other content on the internet, especially my revived YouTube channel. I would place these links not on comments, but on my own topics (topics started by me). I hope links from Nairaland are good for my site because some of them, like this blog, was abandoned all through this year, and would really need a boost of visitors to come back active.

I posted 3 topics and got an average of 200 view in 3 days.  Then the views slowed down drastically. That is a little encouraging because I can count on getting 200 views for each post, however engagement is very low.

With the tactics I explained a few paragraph above, I would be able to get some traffics not just from the Nairaland-forum but from search result (bringing viewers into the platform from outside search engine).
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