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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Instagram Growth Hack For Artist

Any social media website I concentrate on, usually grows in it followings and Instagram was not an exception. I joined Instagram in 2014 (when I got my first smart phone) and since then, my page only has about 40 posts (which is evidence of negligence). Until now, I didn’t realise that Instagram is a very important social media platform that could be used to reach many people. I know of artist that concentrate all their energy on their Facebook page and has not yet joint Instagram.

Recently, I implemented a campaign to get more followers on Instagram by connecting with those in the art industry. The plan was to amass a large number of followings and hope that some would follow back and, hopefully with time, we would connect in some casual form or the other. My intension is also to sell an artwork before the end of the year. Well, it wasn’t long (precisely one week, I was able to gain over 1500 new followers)… So I implemented what I would consider as ‘ethical spamming’. Spamming to me is form of deception and manipulation but also a marketing tactics. There is thin line between marketing and ‘virtual terrorism’. To most of us, even the legitimate advisement can be a nuisance and unethical. During my campaign, I noticed those who would follow a profile, then unfollow that person as soon as they follow back. I often wonder that they are trying to achieve (because the aim of social media is to interact with each other and not just to accumulate a large number of following).

I regard the method of spamming I am using as ethical because my sincere goal is to connect with majority of those who follow back. There was one guy in particular that followed and unfollow me 5 times. I stopped following him back after the 4th time. 

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