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Saturday, October 28, 2017

VIDEO: My Artistic Struggle With Procrastination

This is the first Vlog I have ever made. Since I intend on documenting my studio experiences, I had to come in front of a camera and directly address the viewer of a video for the first time ever. It is not in my nature, however, I intend on learning how to do so and change. The video below is my first Vlog post. Click in the (cc) tag to display subtitle (in case you can’t understand what I was saying).

My intention was to make a series of videos where I document my effort to overcome procrastination. The second major challenges I often face in regards to my artistic career is the habit of procrastination. I honestly think one the major reason why I put-off things is because, I have really given up on my artistic dreams.

The last serious art project I engaged in was almost one year ago (way back in December 2016). It is not necessary that I have the so called artist-block (where there is no idea); no. I have multitudes of ideas like any chronic procrastinator; I have hundreds of ideas and rough sketches, butwhen I tried to implement them; I discovered that I am not motivated to do so. Some of those ideas are now obsolete because they were not executed immediately… had it been I implemented them at the time I got them, they could have been great work, but now the time has passed especially the caricatures.

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