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Monday, September 28, 2015

Cartoon Of The Week: Obama & Buhari

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The cartoon feature for today has a seemingly controversial title: Buhari's trip and Obama's gay crusade
It was published two months ago. If you would like to see what the cartoon is all about and/or post a  comment, please visit dull-cartoon (which is my cartoons blog).

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

My latest Ballpoint Pen Drawing (September 2015)

Recently I left one of my ‘base’ in Delta State back to Bauchi in a hurry and forgot my faded blue towel behind.

Anyway, the above picture is a recent sketch I made at its early stage of development. At the top left side of the picture is a folded piece of tissue paper that I use to clean the tip of the pen while I draw. The ballpoint pen often overflows when I sketch with it for too long (I use to use the towel but have found an alternative).

Below is the ‘completed’ biro sketch of the above picture.

Blog dedicated to biro sketches


To avoid accidentally staining the white paper with hand w(hile working), I use a folded sheet of paper instead of my regular towel (a method/tradition I sometimes use).

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