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Friday, November 30, 2012

Driving traffic to my website with dull cartoons

In order to drive 'traffic' to my website. I decided to start a lazy-blog dedicated to quick cartoon-sketches.

So, when a story is tending online (on Google); I would make a lazy sketch, capture it, and join those writing about it online... Thereby getting visitors (who visited the cartoon blog while searching for the Breaking News I sketch and published). That is what I mean by 'traffic'.

I don't intend to sell anything to those visitors, I just want more 'hits' to my art-website and my art-related-blogs (and may be provoke a few comment there on the cartoon blog).

The more visitors you have on your website, the better the 'ranking' of the website on Google Search Results. It is the top ranking websites that shows up as the first 10 result/website when you search, that means the lower ranking sites are almost invisible/hidden at the 'back-end' of the search result.

What do I mean by "lazy-sketches"?
Well, most of the drawings would take a total of 20 minutes to:
Edit & Capture (digital)
and finally upload (publish online). I is literally lazy like 'pu-pu-pu-pu' and I'm done.

Anyway, I would be featuring one dull cartoon occasionally on this blog. Nevertheless, if you so wish, you could visit (which is the blog that is exclusively dedicated to showing these Dull Cartoons and Caricature).

Thanks for visiting.

Ife'ka Terry


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Thursday, November 29, 2012

After 6 weeks break, behold a sketch.

On today (29th November 2012), I ended my 6 weeks blogging 'strike' with a photo of a miniature figurative pen sketch

Until today, I haven't publish anything on the blog since October and this is due to the fact that I have been extremely busy. In fact, I nolonger answer my phone calls after 4pm. (because, it is mostly someone trying to encroach into my tight schedule, or one of my many fair-weather-friends trying to 'borrow' money they intend NOT to pay back).

I'm not only on a tight schedule, I am also on a tight budget...

So, the things I suppose to pay someone to do for me, I end up doing it myself because I can't afford the service of a hired professional. So, after closing from my days-job, I would still have a 'truck-load' of domestic works to complete.

Anyway, the above sketch was not made in my studio, but was actually drawn at my working place (office). To see the source of inspiration for this drawing, please follow this link:

Thanks for reading through. I had to publish this post quickly because my phone battery is low and would soon off. Cheers!

Ife'ka Terry
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Friday, November 9, 2012

The endless possibilities in a single moment

How dynamic life is. It is only the experienced that truly understand
'the endless possibilities that are in a single moment'.

How one decision can just change the story of your entire life. How
one incident can 'make your day a lil longer'.

One thought can change the world, one thought can change the worlds...

Anyway, its November 2012, The calendar on my room wall was still
showing September (until this afternoon when I noticed it). Since the
year is coming to an end, I simply don't know what is left of my goals
to blog more this year... Let the past be the past, I INTEND TO GO

It is a 'action = reaction' thing. You can do something that affects
your reality, or you can do nothing (and still your reality is
affected in a different way by your lack of action).

My decision to go South
has affected my life in a Southern way.
My decision to go North
has affected my life in a Northern way.
My decision to go West
has influenced my life in a Western way.
My decision to go South
well, I don't have to repeat this again!? So with the southeast,
southwest, northeast, and so on.

Thanks for reading through. Check back again tomorrow and (God's
willing) I would publish a new post about what's happening in and
around the studio.


Ife'ka Terry


[I'm actually posting from my mobile phone]
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