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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Have You Ever Seen A Flying Peacock? {real Photo & abtract painting}

Not everyone knows that a peacock can fly.

Above, you can see a photograph I took at the back of my fathers house. It is a photo of a peacock before and during takeoff. I took the photograph this year whereas the abstract painting was done three (3) years agom

The abstract painting: 'ROSE PEACOCK' was made with three (3) colors to look like both a rose and a flying peacock (like the peacock in the above photograph). The wings of the painting are up-ward while those of the picture are down-wards. It was painted in 2008 (based on the colors of a survey at my formal website), it size is 27x36inches (oil on canvas). Someone suggested the name it "An Abstract Caricature of a Peacock" but I prefer the title: ROSE PEACOCK beacause it's shorter.

Thanks you for reading through I remain, Ife'ka Terry.


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