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Tuesday, March 2, 2010 Is No More

Unfortunately, closed down yesterday (March 1, 2010). I was a member there until it closed. The newsletter we got from BG and its President explained that the website was not making enough money, and that the business model was no longer profitable. Anyway, I saw the newsletter one day to the closing date (we only had 24 hours to get over the shock). It is a very sad news. I can’t really understand how BG could fail (considering the fact that they worked very hard to give their best). It is clear that selling ORIGINAL art online is no longer an easy thing to do.

My personal opinion: It was UNNECESSARY! The administrators could keep the website opened and functional (if they wanted to) but it was not just worth their time (such activities are either for people who can look at it as a hobby or maybe an ‘idle’ person). Nevertheless, I am thankful to BG for the internet experience. Now that the ‘high-tech-art-website’ that I was so optimistic about is gone, I have to search for another website to market my work online (I mean a trusted e-commerce).

Anyway, is ‘internet-history’ and so is my store their ( Now I am left with the big task of editing my website of all the links to BG. I would work on that this month and while I am at it, I would just upload some new works. So expect my upgraded website by April.

Ife’ka Terry
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