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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Estelle – Come Over Love

One day, I was watching a Reggae Show called Reggae-Top-Ten hosted by Suzie Q. That day, they were playing a lot of Dance-Hall kind of reggae so I reduce the volume (because I prefer Root-Rock or Lovers-Rock reggae). I was not concentrating when I heard a cool beat from the TV. I increase the volume and it was Estelle and Sean Paul singing a song ‘Come Over Love’.
Some few days later, I wanted to make a cubism collage where I would use shape to form an African woman’s face and I agreed to make Estelle from what I remember her face looked like (I know of Sean Paul before, but that was the first day I ever seen Estelle). I could never forget her lip particularly but I can’t even remember me making the collage because it was so fast (within 4 days) may be it was because I was singing the song in my heart while making the artwork.___________

If you check on the JOURNAL page on my portfolio website you will see a journal titled VIDIOS and you can watch the music that inspired the artwork. Thank you.___________

Anyway the above collage is available at:

Ife’ka Terry

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