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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Good Good laugh

One hundred percent (100%) ORIGINAL handmade Pencil Work. The above artwork is an original drawing on paper. Completed yesterday September 18, 2009

Thank You.

Ife’ka Terry
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Idle Man

"There is not an idle mind on earth because, everyman is pursuing something" -Caleb Eli
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Monday, September 7, 2009

CAST THE FIRST STONE: the tales of ‘I’ and the critical Down-Presser-Man

It as been said before, ‘forgive others and JAH will forgive you’._____ I would say, ‘forgive others and you have forgiven yourself.’

I am going to use a story to explain the symbols on this artwork. It is a collage. The following is not a true life story but an illustration that I only created to explain the art.

In a small village, there lived a chief that is suppose to be happy and contented with what he has, but the chief rather prefer to be critical about a man name Bob. Bob was an immigrant from a nearby village. Bob was also a hardworking guy who just want to make a living and put a roof over his head, but for some reason, Chief was always investigating and talking evil about Bob.

One faithful day, the chief decided to investigate and spy on Bob again. Upon getting to the house of Bob, he was surprise to met Bob at home and wanted to know his name. Yes, he always gossip about Bob and don’t even know his name (before now, he only referred to Bob as “the stranger”).

Bob being a Rasta, proudly hit his chest with his right hand and said “my name is I”.
The chief was surprise that Bob’s name is just a single letter, but thought to himself, “that most be how they name themselves in his formal village.”

[that is why on the artwork you can see the capital letter ‘I’ at the upper-right of the collage]

Later that evening, in a Towns-Meeting that Bob was not invited. The Chief tried (once more) to rally support against Bob. Remember that Bob told him that his name was ‘I’. So, the chief stood up to speak in which he said as follows;
“ ‘I’ is dangerous to this community, ‘I’ must be driven away, ‘I’ must go back, ‘I’ will bring you and your children much trouble beyond your imagination! ”

Wow! Everyone at the Towns-Meeting could not believe their ears. They were all amazed to hear what was coming out of his mouth. They thought he was speaking in the Jamaican style (the Rasta man usually say ‘I and I’ meaning ‘myself’, or ‘me’, or ‘I Am’). Anyway, because he is using the word ‘I’ to refer to Bob, it made it look as if he was talking of himself. So the people started thinking (REASONING) and discovered that truly, the chief is the real threat and not Bob, because, his bitterness was capable of coursing disunity.

So the people brought out the Holy Bible, and some historical document (searching for a judgment and Wisdom). So they found where it was written among the Divinely reviled Lyrics of the legendary Bob Marley (and ironically Bob the-stranger, has similar name with Bob Marley the-King-of-Reggae) and the song goes like;
“Don’t you look at me so smallish and say am going back. Who are you to judge me and the life that I live. I know that I am not perfect, and that I don’t need to be, so before you point your finger, make sure your hands are clean. Judge Not! Before you judge yourself! . . . The road of life is rocky and you may stumble too, So while you talk about me, somebody else is judging YOU.”

The people of the community shouted with passion and amazement “Indeed, Bob Marley was a Prophet of JAH, case closed!”

All of a sudden, some members of the community boldly came out to accuse the chief of many wrong deeds he had committed. But, later, after the chief apologized to Bob the-stranger, the community and Bob then decided not to punish the chief because the title of the song was ‘Judge Not’

A community is the coming together of people as a whole. JAH people must unit!

He who is without sin should cast the first stone.

The images on the artwork above are 2 images or symbols – The first one is the capital letter ‘I’, while the second one is an image of a critical-down-presser-man. The image of the critical-down-presser man is standing with one of his (left)hands on his head and the other is down/OPEN (kind of shaped like a heart).

The right hand is OPEN because he has just let go of the stone of unforgiveness. Look at the expression on the hand as it expresses Freedom, Ease, Relief and OPEN-mindedness. His left hand is on his head because he has just realized that he was an hypocrite and he has no right to condemning others who are just like him. This chief reminds me of that American-religious-leader that was always fighting against guys and lesbians, only to discover that he (the religious leader) use to patronize male prostitute and uses drug. He is robbing his head today saying to himself “Oh Nooooooooo.....”

Open your eyes and look within. Before you make that decision, check YOURSELF. Love will unit us, love is open-minded and gives people ‘the benefit of a doubt’. SOME people are doing ‘wrongs’ simple because they don’t know any better. Over look other people faults and the same would be done to you.

CONCLUTION: This artwork is a secret reminder to those who knows what is means. They call it PROJECTION; you only see in others that which is already in you!

Ife’ka Terry
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Mental Roommate

This is a kind of portrait but it is the combination of two (2) faces forming one. If you take a look at the second image above. The one covered up with red, you would now notice a skull image. If you observe the image without the red cover, and the other dark image at the right of the screen is a side view of a head.

INTERPRETATION: The dark image at the right of your screen is a shadow life-form whispering in the ears of the second person that has consequently turned into a dry skeleton.

There are two (2) parts to everyone:
The human part and
The Devine part

For some people, the Divine part is of God and for others, it is of Satan. Here, I show what would happen to those whose divine part has been taken over by the Shadow being.

Ife’ka Terry
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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Delay in Delivery

I would be traveling to a new town (work related) from September until December of 2009. Since it would be my First time there, I decided that it would be better or safer not to carry my artwork with me. Incase anyone is interested in buying an artwork, I might not be able to ship it on time. I sincerely apologies for any inconveniences.

The above picture was taken from the back sit of a car while entering Jos. (mountain view at the background).
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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Coming in August

I am trying to re-organize myself and even re-invent my art and I. I am working on some new artworks and would upload them very soon...

Also coming in September, are PRINTS. I have found the right place for that and it is RedBubble! I want to make sure I do it the right way the first time.

Anyway, I would be changing the prizes of my works (to encourage the buying of prints).

Ife’ka Terry.
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Thursday, May 21, 2009


I started this artwork November 17, 2008. After four (4) days of painting, I totally lost my inspiration. I didn’t know what to do next, when to continue and, I lost my desire to paint. So I covered the painting with cloth (I live in Northern Nigeria and it is very dusty and sandy until the rains comes).

The idea behind the painting is to make an image of an African girl as a female-king and not a queen (who is just the wife of a king). I didn’t want to use gold or extreme facial makeup. . . . . . In high school I made a painting of a black pharaoh, so I wanted to make the cloth on her head to look like what a Pharaoh would put on his head. The cloth on her head is from a Yoruba traditional cloth called ‘Ashokay’ (Yoruba people are found in the western part of Nigeria).

Well, around that March-April period, I saw a bulletin from one of my MySpace friend titled something like; ‘Yoruba language has some similarity to that of ancient Egypt’ unfortunately, I couldn’t see the content of that bulletin because it was a video (and my internet connection is too slow to play YouTube videos).

The person that sent the bulleting usually sent these types of very educative and interesting bulleting. Sometimes (especially last year) the topic are sarcastic and I misunderstood there meaning (at first).

Anyway, I re-started the painting again and finished it with even more passion. It took a total of over 56 hours to finished this painting (over 5 months break because of dried up inspiration).

Procrastination? NO! NO!!

Thank you.

Ife’ka Terry
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New website

Like a small seed that grows up to become a big tree, everything big started small. I finally launched my official website today (more than one month late due to events beyond my control). Like a small seed, I only have 36 artwork on display but, I hope to make it grow (as time goes bye). All glory belongs to God who has helped me through all setbacks and hindrances.

Anyway, I would be writing some exams all June (from 6th to 20th). Right now, all I think about is my many books.

Thank you.

Ife’ka Terry

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Estelle – Come Over Love

One day, I was watching a Reggae Show called Reggae-Top-Ten hosted by Suzie Q. That day, they were playing a lot of Dance-Hall kind of reggae so I reduce the volume (because I prefer Root-Rock or Lovers-Rock reggae). I was not concentrating when I heard a cool beat from the TV. I increase the volume and it was Estelle and Sean Paul singing a song ‘Come Over Love’.
Some few days later, I wanted to make a cubism collage where I would use shape to form an African woman’s face and I agreed to make Estelle from what I remember her face looked like (I know of Sean Paul before, but that was the first day I ever seen Estelle). I could never forget her lip particularly but I can’t even remember me making the collage because it was so fast (within 4 days) may be it was because I was singing the song in my heart while making the artwork.___________

If you check on the JOURNAL page on my portfolio website you will see a journal titled VIDIOS and you can watch the music that inspired the artwork. Thank you.___________

Anyway the above collage is available at:

Ife’ka Terry

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Sip Coka-cola

An Original watercolor painting on card board.

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Orange Color like Okro

An Original watercolor on card board. 4.0 x 3.7" in a 8x10" frame In where I live, Oranges are either green or yellow in color. When I was been taught the names of colors, I asked the teacher why Orange-colors were called Orange-color and, he did not know the right answer to give me. In my mind I said; teacher! Do not teach me nonsense!. . . . . It was later in life that I saw a picture in a book of a foreign orange and it was Orange-color. Then it made sense to me..... Okro is a vegi that is used to make soup.

For sale at

Thank You
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Orange and egg

An Original watercolor on card board. 4.8 x 4.9inchs in a 8x10inch frame Please check out a related work called Orange-color-like-okro.
Thank You.
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An Original watercolor on card board. 8.0 x 6.3 inch in a 10x8inch frame.... Mallam is a title given to a male in the Hausa Language (more like Mister (Mr.)). Hausa is a language spoken by more PEOPLE on the continent of Africa than any other native language (including Swahili)

For sale at

Thank You
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Deep Sees

An Original Oil paint on Card-board... Accompanied by an Aluminum Frame (silver color) custom made..... Looking for the seed within. Spending a lifetime searching for the prophetic refuge. This beautiful Artwork is depicting that vision, that sweet secrete desire... Thank You.

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Why Am I An Artist?

It is like a fulfillment of a fantasy/destiny when I make an artwork from scratch (from imagination or inspiration). My heart is filled with joy as you would feel if you got a happy news that you’ve been anxious to hear. So I am an endorphin ‘addict’ and, art gives me the ‘quick fix’ my soul needs (a healthy addiction that enables me to spent countless hours and days just to produce a pleasant artwork). I also get this positive energy when I make portraits too. ART IS MY PASSION, that’s why I make and love them!


Ife’ka Terry.
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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Policy for commissioning a portrait

I have an art studio called Tugi’s. The artworks I place on my online gallery are just samples of what I make. I have made a lot of personalized portraits in my life time. I am unable to show the digital photo of many of my portrait-works because I respect the privacy of my Clients and would never want to post their pictures on the Internet without their permission. I post the portrait of celebrities and that of individuals who have no problem with the posting. . . Please, I would like to stress that if you commission a portrait, I would not release your image to the public without your knowledge (even though I own the copyright).

Thank you

Ife’ka Terry.
The above artwork is called Rev. Fr. You can check out my works at:

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Chief Alamieyeseigha

His name sounds like the magical spell of a witch. He is a real-life cowboy. The present Vice president of Nigeria was his deputy governor. He was a British citizen while in power and was arrested for money laundry but escaped and returned to his state dressed as a woman (I guess the Scotland Yard has never met a real cowboy before)… His greatest mistake was the sin of arrogance. He felt arrogant enough to return to the government house after escaping from Britain and was arrested by the Nigerian Police. When a mad cow get loss, you equally send a mad man to catch it. He is in jail and lost all his assets and respect. Some say he got into trouble because he was no friend of the ‘Bigboys’ (political god-fathers+)…

Character is better than gold….

The hat is a way of dressing by the elite men of Niger-Delta. I drew this portrait from an actual photograph of his…

Ife’ka Terry.

The above artwork is for sale at:

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Odd looking Onion

I recently saw the onion you see in the picture above and the thing looks like the image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus as most Catholic paintings depict.

Ife’ka Terry

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Happy New Year (18+)

Mr. iPad (Jobs) once said;

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the result of other peoples thinking. Don’t let the noise of other peoples opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

I believe in destiny (I also believe in taking advantage of opportunity) that is why I say: if you are out of destiny, you just can’t ‘click’. And vise-versa.

Happy New Year 2009!

Ife’ka Terry.
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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Facing the Moon

23.8 x 20.2 inches 60.3x51.5 cm

An Original Card-board collage (coated in fine-thin plastic) for preservation, longitively and durability..... Accompanied by an Aluminum Frame (silver color) custom made.... This is a collage that is as hard as a wooden board. It was made by: I first cut little pieces of black and white card-board and then gum them together to produce this image of a girl looking out of her window (at night) contemplating the glory of the moon. This piece is part of my African-maiden series._____

The title is NOT Facing-Your-Fears rather, it is Facing-the-Moon. I did not mean for the moon to be the main focus of this collage (I intended her hair and the grace/peace she carries to be the main focus). This artwork is speaking! and it is saying; Release-the-Stress (the very thing she is doing)._____

Thanks. ______

Ife'ka Terry

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